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Day 3. High altitude

Another day of high altitude

Better things to do on the links - dont hit the ball, be the ball

Parking is better value these days.

Todays high altitude

Spending a few minutes looking at maps

Newcastleton Forest. F Jolly and Heriot-Watt University Orienteering Club 1980. HWUOC liked Sitka plantations, they mapped Blairadam a year later - I would love to see that map.
Newcastleton has had some changes since - the yellow was planted with trees soon after the event and there is a trail centre there now.

A finish at the 2009 Six Days. I did not recover from an injury at the event and left the sport soon after.

The Senior team is having their training camp in this weekend. Stop by and say "Hi"

It's Week, so here is Culbin from the World Championships in 1976 and the first ever 6 Days.

Kigali street

Grand Bazar

The Tour de France today went along the edge of the 1987 WOC map.

I came up with a new marketing video and a new slogan for Control:
All your tracks.
From any event.
Always with you.

A new episode of this podcast:

It's been a busy season already, so Katherine and Will pick their highlights, including the JWOC results.

We also hear from World Bronze Medallist Alice Leake, after her decision to retire from the sport.

And with the forest World Championships just around the corner, we chat about the terrain and pick our favourites to take the medals.

Wasburn University sprint course from todays Sunflower State Games.

GoGain: Orienteering for the 21st Century

Terrain relevant for this years World Champs in Switzerland. Map is 40+ years old.

Tried some today, which went well.

It was the easiest type of route, though, so I didn't even need a compass and it was in the local area around buildings and roads, so I didn't need to search through the bush.

I've bought some more advanced maps in more difficult terrain, I'll see how that goes.

(This is the "take a trip" type of orienteering, not the "competition"-type)

Jukolan viesti paljon hienoja valokuvia tapahtumasta!

Kuvaajat: Timo Erkkil, Kimmo Hirvonen, Juuso-Valtteri Kivimki, Jarmo Koskela, Micki Kulju, Chris Macleod, Ilkka Metsl, Antti Nousiainen, Janne Penttinen, Markku Pulkkinen and Sanna Reponen.

From my morning jog with an map

I had fun in last weekend. Very much fun. is best!

Mapping in this mornings light rain.


Penultimate control site at Burrough Hill, an early iron age univallate hill fort which reached its peak as a settlement around 100BCE. Too hot for many given the climb, but it's a fun area to plan on.

The last time I ran Jukola the map was big.

Nossa primeira corrida de orientao!

Intro course. But Im thinking the rain will discourage new people from trying todays

Our Livelox support just became better. Now you can select the event and class for your Livelox upload. So track your race with an Apple Watch, press Send to Livelox and we will figure out events based on the time and locations of your track. Select your class & upload and view your route choices on Livelox!

WOC relevant. Current map and 40+ year old map.


Pre-picnic practice

Training on a funny old map. The area of s fun for summer park events. But the map needs to be modernized.

I'm likely becoming schizophrenic. As an OSM mapper, I don't like highways-as-area so much. As an orienteering mapper, my dream for sprint maps would be to micromap the relevant areas in OSM (including highways-as-areas) and do as little as possible in OCAD/OOMapper (after a further brushing-up of the translation tables in the latter). Will that make me the equivalent of a golf mapper

Spent a little time work on a map for some sprint

destination games i have done
- trying to find all permanent orienteering markers in one park
- checking on stuff for
- checking on all public book boxes
- checking on all public water fountains
- looking for public exercise equipment and other pullup oppertunities

I need to do a little bit of updating before the picnic

Thank you NTNUI & 10mila for a fantastic race. Did you spot our signs at the arena or elsewhere See you in the next events.

Follow us to see the next developments for the app, we are going to release some very exciting new stuff later this summer.

10-Mila is going on right now. I figured I should post an old (1988) 10-Mila map.

We did in a LOVELY place in
It was ace :)

New world for me but I have now stepped my toes into event marketing. Control ads will be visible this weekend in 10mila relay as well as in Sweden's Orienteering Federation website. Exciting times.

Shaike Snir