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papadopolous03 Lagos, Nigeria @makhosezwe_ @SANEEDSAWALL @akaworldwide Earth is everyone’s land it was only map, race, religion and class that differentiated us that also their home cos they are black skin doesn’t enforce them to claim Africa graduate of university of Ilorin/ follow I follow back/ #YBNLMAFIA / BaddoFC
AkshIye @alexhazanov Possibly — I still think it would still have been close. Other GOP’ers had low favorability ratings too and they’d have lost some WWC voters (some to lower turnout) while doing better in affluent burbs. Map more like 2012, 1-2 point race, could go either way. Retweets and replies only. Views reflect solely my own.
Likenonother Kansas City, MO @PhoenixStar3084 @1UglyEngineer @iamcardib Dominican and Trinidad are NOT a race. They're geographical locations. Weirdo. Black is NEGRO, not a damn location on a map. If perfects out there it's you. So perfect I can see.
hyunjingothic exo & loona imagine trying to shame with identity politics countries that you can't even locate in a map. countries that are basically poor and never had the privilege like y'all to play the game of "i'm 40% this race and 60% another" we don't have that bc y'all took everything from us. Universe (Korean: Universe – 겨울 스페셜 앨범, 2017; lit. Universe - Winter Special Album, 2017) is the sixth extended play by South Korean boy group EXO. It was relea
NotZulia Capital City @PureCinnabun and I were the only ones in a Survivor map so we did a race, ofc I won😌 ''Right now I realize! I can do it if I try! I can do anything!'' 🎨 you're average Classic Amy stan (🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈) she/they
STARLIGHTSHE she/her blm 📌MISSOURI ( cont.) Race Matters Friends Community Bail Fund Columbia, MO : Donate to RMFCB: click on their site map to click ‘donate’ and you’ll be redirected to paypal. #HARRY : certified fart collector of taylor swift
sxmdx white people hold no true power that’s why y’all bully every race and blow up y’all LITTLE bottom countries on the map so y’all can appear big body .. stfu. dub dub. chi📍
ThatHapaChick The Shire, Middle Earth Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Jason Reynolds & Ibram X. Kendi. Trying to figure out how to discuss race with your teenage kids? Let this book be your road map! Bookmobile Librarian - She/Her - ALA Spectrum Scholar - #HapaPride - Everyone needs a short, sarcastic Asian in their life; I am that person.
austral_taur Toronto, Ontario The subtext of race is always there and nonwhite people but especially black people will always be aware of it. Astrology isn’t an escape. The way we interact with the world and experience it shapes how we interpret the stars and the events they map onto. Miss us with that bs. ♉︎♐︎♓︎ - Mo! 25. LP8. Hellenistic/Medieval Astrologer. Saturn in the streets, Juptier in the sheets. Readings open! she/her. x 💰$peachykeen222
papadopolous03 Lagos, Nigeria @makhosezwe_ @SANEEDSAWALL @akaworldwide Earth is everyone’s land it was only map, race, religion and class that differentiated us that also their home cos they are black skin doesn’t enforce them to claim Africa graduate of university of Ilorin/ follow I follow back/ #YBNLMAFIA / BaddoFC
CatmasterOP when you die to oversoul in a race and realize this wand was in your inventory all along :/ also nice screenshot bug, vulkan! (map) Casual Megalomaniac Path of Exile Fan 🕹️🎲 🎞️👀 🎶😹 📸🤳
charmednana1 Oklahoma, USA @realDonaldTrump they create and support it... Pin map all riots and looting for the past 20 years and you will see Democrat controlled cities out number Republican controlled cities 37 to 1 in the suffering. Include all not only race issues, sporting events and weather related etc included. I love God,my family and America❣️❣️. I support The 2nd amendment.
Test_GWT @annandvirk Hey dude, maybe we should get a current crime statistics map and compare it to a race components map. I bet that will show all those evil racists how wrong they are.
SmartGuy316 West Virginia, USA I talked about this idea on stream yesterday and if its something you like let me know. A Charity EE Hunt Race on Custom Zombies. A map is created and is exclusively released to [X] amount of teams to stream and after certain donation totals a “hint” for the next step is given. @WestVirginiaU @WVUMarchingBand Alumni // @Twitch & @DiscordApp Partner // Business Email: business.smartguy316@gmail.com
Ozmosis711 The Bay @AnnieSage The stats and map of the 2000 presidential election...sharp divide by race, urban vs suburban vs rural, etc. #TheResistance #SFGiants #DubNation #DallasCowboys #SJSU #SJSharks #GoBlue #Ozark #bettercallsaul
poolsadie @CBCToronto Why is race based helpful?? You can make it say whatever you want! The map of Ontario shows specific hotspots - that’s all you need for race based, been in Brampton and seen mass gathering/parties/kids playing together outside disregarding isolation rules since day one Life is Short - Make the most of it
Lilstrawberry8 Tokyo, Japan and on top of the MAP bs it is OKAY to DISLIKE a race it is NOT OKAY to go out of your way to HARASS a INNOCENT member of that race. i am very all for having an opinion, but if you go out of your way to disrespect/hate/harass on a race/races, go fork yourself Jotaro Enthusiast// Literally Vibing uwu
clearlymadd Dallas, TX BATTLICA BRINGING IT BACK! I like both these teams so I don't actually have a horse in this race (I do love an underdog tho) but it is good to see O2 Blast and Battlica go the distance to map 5. We'll see some players from these 2 rosters in OWL someday mark my words. 🔞 ONLY! 🔞 She/her. Queer. Overwatch, Borderlands, Critical Role, My Hero Academia. I speak only truth. PROTECT ALL LGBT+!
CaitlinTheCakey United Kingdom @ashdubh Hi ash, I've been a huge fan of ours for years now. I was wondering if you, stampy and squid can do a Reunion on a adventure map (like race 2 the moon, time Travellers). I've really missed those awesome videos. Your awesome and incredible Ash Kid who has alots of dreams and just wishes that one of them will be true.. My hero is Jonathan Kerrigan
Cat19Green @CautiousLefty What's the path to victory for Democrats in a statewide race in Texas? Meaning a detailed road map that goes through counties and lays out the most realistic scenario.
MagnaDataTips Rosehill Gardens First leg of the Quaddie at Doomben looks like one of the quickest I've seen on a speed map here at the track. This could be anyones race, all depends on position and luck in running @brissyraces I'm going wide here in the opener of the Quad. Dad 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 1 colt and filly Horse Racing Analyst 🐎 Full Time Investor 8yrs💰 @SEN_Track 📻 Data is KING 👑
eagleobserver @IngrahamAngle @CNN Looks like social distancing has been wiped off the map. 40 million out work. People losing their businesses & now their brick and mortars are being destroyed. Why? Not to honor George Floyd. But bc of race bating by so called news networks & left wing instigators. 🇺🇸Christian; nurse; Proudly voted forTrump; honor & respect our #veterans; concerns US is now a patient with multiple diseases; love nature to escape #MAGA
Lou4192021 Pennsylvania, USA @ewarren Just like a Democrat race baiting, Democrats are so far left they couldn't find center with a map and compass. Husband, Father, Soldier, Patriot, Trump 2020
GraemeAmbrose Scotland, Ayrshire @ArchmageRod @VaushV The image was a map of high crime areas and areas with high racial minority populations. And given Vaush's tweet is about the race riots in America I cane to an obvious conclusion. I am a Scottish nerd and proud ! Movies, music, writing, science and Politics. #Autism #ActuallyAutistic #NeverAgain #ProVaxx
JohnMcCormackMA Massachusetts (Wampanoag land) New map Friday: @Uncrewed mapped out the 2006 Texas Agriculture Commissioner race between Hank Gilbert (D) and Todd Staples (R). Gilbert actually did pretty well given how red Texas was at the time, shaving off a few rural counties. I decided to have some fun. Boston native, Southie pride, former Speaker, better dead than red. #mapoli, #ElectionTwitter. @EdMarkey/@rd4va. Room for all in our Democratic big tent.
Ethannels111 @scott_tierney @TiberiusToaster @SeaOfThieves In my opinion private servers would ruin the fun of the game maybe there would be a chance if you didnt earn gold or rep from then so you wouldnt progress but if its just to jave fun and do a race from one ed of the map to the other with some freinds then yeah that would be fine i play sot
Shawn35714750 @CerenKo30829518 @tinglan @DotDotDot_John @realDonaldTrump That's not true mate. In fact, China has big population, big map and many races. The food in different city, different race, different family is different. As i know, in the old times, there are some people eat dogs cause there aren't too much choice. But As time goes on , the
runendtoend Can a virtual race get any more real? With these digital postcards you bet it can! Lands End to John O Groats Virtual Run starting on 1st June 2020, unlock a bunch of postcards along your journey and See yourself progress along the interactive map. End to End is a Virtual events company specialising in Virtual Running and Walking events for Corporate companies, Schools and the General Public.
SchwerinCraig Naples, FL My JUNE current state of the pres. race. I hope to do these every month and maybe more frequently as we get closer to the election. I know it's May, but it's close enough to June to count this map as a June map. Biden flips the Rust Belt Triad but nothing else #ElectionTwitter FL election dude making not maps but videos for #ElectionTwitter. Check out my YouTube channel, Campaigns With Craig, in the link below!
Haggggs @voidmeetsworld @mikecommito Your description of what is racism is all over the map and makes no sense, because “race” is abstract. It’s about culture discrimination. Seattle, WA United States of Amerrorca
qubadmessi Afghanistan @bangash_kpk @55ophia @Hamiilla @MaryamZKhan @nilofarrr @bbyzeee6 @mxrpxp Exactly there isn't any pakistani, i am from Afghanistan I m from afghani race, my tribe is tajik, and you are pathan(Afghan) that belongs to Afghanistan. And please don't bring gilgit, becasue they are azad qabayel, the even don't accept pk government. They are just in the map.
DaveyB007 Medicine Hat, Alberta @archambeaum3 I grew up in a city of all whites in southern Alberta, Canada. I moved all over the map since then and have never seen race. It's who you are that I judge. Is this an American thing that is planted in the youth? I just don't get it?? Its weird to me in this day and age. Lions, Raptors, Devils, Oilers, Jay's and Giants fan. Science and medicine believer. Carpenter in the evil oilfield empire. Dog lover.
Kevin_Miller_93 Earth @MasonReact I enjoy it 👍, it gives you the BR feel but with the availability of respawning. Plus if you're board you can just have fun and race people around the map. Always trying to find that new level. Love gaming and its community, its more than just a hobby. Check out my Twitch! Twitch - Panda_Ni3 Xbox Tag - Panda Ni3
Heather_Atlas Hemel Hempstead, East @villanocookie We used an app called "My virtual mission". You can set targets, log in and contribute as team etc. We ran it a couple of years ago as a race to the North Pole before Christmas. You can share map updates etc. Or were you thinking of something different to exercise? Engineer first, HR professional a close second! Views are my own.
JudyTwedt Seattle Francis Galton created the first weather map in 1875. He also founded eugenics and advocated for ‘race improvement’. The western scientific enterprise has deep roots in white supremacy and colonialism and we white scientists are far from reckoning with that. climate data sound artist, phd candidate at UW, passionate about science, community, democracy, justice, and our beautiful planet. Proud union member.
NolanMuck @jim_delrio @yungtowel @Nature_and_Race Map isn't accurate because of Egypt, not Ethiopia. Fanciful wishes of an uncolonized place in Africa is just that, fantasy. Even Liberia should be considered an American colony.
goodletterco NYC "If you run a country and want to put it on the global map you don't have so many choices. You can get the Olympics, the World Cup or a Formula One race. And the first two are only every four years - and you have them only once." — Sir Martin Sorrell A collection of shareholder letters from founders, makers and people who we might learn from. Retweets on "shareholder letter" != endorsement :)
AvonwoodHead Bournemouth A different type of professional playground marking has been installed today too. I’m a bit of a playground markings fan and love this new world map! More are being installed this weekend including a new bike race track for Foundation. #EarthCharterSchool #InspiringWonder Proud to be Headteacher at Avonwood Primary School and part of the United Learning family.
worldofo_news Vinogradov Blog: New idea for indoor orienteering!: The idea is to use Zwift training with O-courses.I was running through the streets of London with O-map reading (London city race map, but I have prepared my own course) and navigation (left/right turns… Get all the latest International Orienteering News
cuchipopseverly Ik it’s probably forked up of me to think this way, but honestly how would you feel if one whole entire race was wiping your whole entire race off the map for forking laughs and giggles? I fork with allies bro, but be happy you can’t feel our pain this hurt is different 💯 Certified twat licker 💁🏾‍♀️
MaishaBarnett Jupiter Brandi Thompson Summers on “Black in Place” "In her book, “Black in Place: The Spatial Aesthetics of Race in a Post-Chocolate City,” Brandi Thompson Summers explores how aesthetics and race converge to locate or map blackness in Washington, D.C." Public Space Champion, Alchemist, Placemaker, and Designer
Chibuzer Global Citizen @CNN Get out of there. The Divided States of America doesn’t stand a chance against China and its not rocket science. DSA is already at war with its people and the people are at race war with themselves. This is actually a perfect time for enemies to wipe DSA of the map Am I the only man in America that is not brainwashed ?.....Divided we fall...
KathleenOsmond3 @TrumperSeaney @Julietknows1 @realDonaldTrump Reminds me of the historical riots in Detroit back in the 60's etc and such over race hate. You can change the script but it's still the same story and they map out certain demographics and classes. Same playbook they use over and over. 💋I speak the truth & nothing but the truth! WWG1WGA with GOD 🙏 🙌 and our SAVIOR! 🇺🇸 HUMANITY IS AT RISK... GOD WINS! I have my Armor on. You?
PsychoSlayz United Kingdom @xPerry_x @DestinyTheGame Mostly like a setup for the space Doritos at the end of the red war campaign. In one of the bunkers you can see a map and every time a new bunker is available it lights up closers to the space triangles. The space triangles are powerful. They are a race of unknown creatures. 18 / Gamer / pro - procrastinator / Trying For G1 @G1Esports
RossSchumann Midland, TX @DanAncona @WhiteHouse But it would also be helpful to point out from that map the number of times those killings were inter race, not clearly in self defense, and the police officer killed an unarmed person. That data seems to be missing. Host of SchuBro’s Unfiltered on @ZeroGravityMed.MBA.PMP.Veteran.Pro-life.Conservative.Father.Husband.Texan
WePlayServers Our WePlay Realm on Last Oasis is up! Double XP on Medium map this weekend! Get those firefly walkers built and upgraded, we're gonna race them soon! WePlay is a community created by TheDalePlays, we provide servers for survival games we like to play in our community and invite all of you to join!
NdifunaUkwazi Cape Town, South Africa THREAD 👀 What do you see when you compare this map from the Western Cape Government of COVID-19 cases by suburb with population by race and income maps? Ndifuna Ukwazi provides legal, research and organising support to communities in struggles for urban land justice, affordable housing and tenure security.
Creative_tomboy Österreich I finished the world map in 3 days! The world is a dark place right now. Please be safe and be better. Skin color, race, culture should not define how you treat someone. Name your country! 🌻Young heart, old soul 🌻Nerd 🌻Self taught austrian artist 🌻Art Makeup and Tattoo enthusiast🌻 Find me anywhere via linktree:
EmwexDrew @TrizMobile @PlayCODMobile the gold rush has to be my favourite i liked the way you had to shoot a crate to get a map or loot then go dig up the treasure 😂😂👌 me and my team would race there to get the adrenaline and level 3 vests😂😂😂😂because there was only two of each it would be fun getting there👌
mcbridetd St Louis, MO Adding to this, a large number of the #COVID19 cases are in MPS and St. Paul (see map) And 29% of the COVID cases where race is identified are African-Americans; while only 6% of the population the state is African-American. 2/n #Minneapolis #GeorgeFloyd Bernard Becker Professor, WUSTL. Health Economist. Co-Director, Center for Health Economics and Policy, IPH @chep_iph Views my own.

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