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ghostphilza Petition for Dream to at least try dropper maps and or do a dropper map race vs sapnap and George hi, mcyttwt, mainly dttwt || I make art. ccgc was made august 31 celebrate the 1st she/her.
WoodlandTrust Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK Celebrate #WinnieThePoohDay with a game of Poohsticks! Find a bridge over a stream or river and drop sticks from one side of it. Race to the other side to see whose stick emerges from under the bridge first! Find your closest wood with our online map🌳The UK's largest woodland conservation charity. We'll try and reply to questions between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. 📣 Join the #BigClimateFightback!
FlukeKid Mad Highs, MI His friends knew and did scary things. He wanted his own race of Epsteins. #Quantum #3D #RNA #Illumination as an #EvolutionaryGameTheory #NWO #Plan ƸӜƷ The Butterfly Wars ƸӜƷ Source self-seed GALACTIC FEDERATION ARG Art seeder.
WWFerguson2 Great Lakes, Great State @umichvoter99 A race/ethnicity map for the city would like show hispanic majority areas south of Camelback Road and white majority areas north of it, huh? RIP Babu Frik
cinyc9 Precinct winner map of the 1860 Presidential election in Baltimore. It was a two-way race between Southern Democrat John Breckenridge and Constitutional Union candidate John Bell in the city. Bell did better in West Baltimore precincts than East. #HistoricalElectionWednesday Maps and poltics and stuff. 99% of the time, it's just maps. Nobody cares about your hot take on politics, anwyay. Disclosure: Conservative Republican
eladgaf Washington, DC They probably don’t know where Indonesia is in the map yet have the audacity to say crap like that. Indonesians were literally enslaved and killed for 350 years yet apparently we’re anti black. Indonesia is STILL fighting way worse oppression than any race in the US TO THIS DAY De Madrid al cielo, pasando por el Bernabéu ✨
marshal16954515 @etw1960 @megynkelly @ChrisStirewalt They called the race exactly as it turned out. You don’t want news you want fairytales. OANN still got that big map showing Trump won California and New York up? 😈 Love my family and travel.
adriaeln @Thorongil16 When making my Michigan sheriffs map I remember seeing Monroe as one of the few Trump-Democratic sheriff counties where there was a contested race and it’s even more impressive that it was an open race. Great map! leans progressive | new york | 🇳🇬 | MMP/STV+/RUP | electoral reform and (discount) ET Alaska guy-in-training | he/him | GW ‘25 | alt: @SafeRSeat
THATCARDUDE12 F-12 STUDIOS @destin19660277 @Panwells Yes please, I always race on the ring in the ring map. I’d so much love to see NASCAR racecars in this game. Not necessarily with sponsors and all but maybe just some designs, def a roof and door number, and maybe replace sponsors with just blank rectangles.🥺 What is up guys, F-12 here : D
SteveCaporizzo Albany, NY Latest Surface Map A Small storm moves by tonight....shot of colder air...and snow showers/lake effect into Wednesday Morning. Another storm in Western Canada (Clipper type Low).....will race SE'ward and bring more snow showers Thursday-even steady light snow in the Adirondacks. I do the weather on WTEN and host Pet Connection. Weather and Pets..the best of both worlds ! Living the dream for sure....
ClaudiaMonet67 Dublin, CA @Socialist0215 Remember that fateful day when Bernie came out and said that he’s conceding the election to low enthusiasm Joe Biden very little popularity was just a blip on the electoral map then all of a sudden Obama has a talk with lying Pete, Klobachar and Yang but Warren stays in the race Social worker in search of social justice☮️ #Medicare4all #GeneralStrike #NoJusticeNoPeace.. if you like pina coladas 🍹 & getting caught in the ☔️ I’m new here
ShafatG_Kashmir London, England @VirendraSharma @bbcworldservice Respect our British value, plz don't bring RSS's hindutva agenda here and spoil our race relations. as your constituent i am disgusted at ur calling out @bbcworldservice for depicting #Kashmir as per UN map.Resign & sit home @labourkashmir @ClaireLKD @Debbie_abrahams @TanDhesi Almighty cures. Military occupation is modern day slavery.
ShafatG_Kashmir London, England @VirendraSharma Respect the British values of democracy and tolerance, plz don't bring RSS's hindutva agenda here and spoil our race relations. as your constituent i am disgusted at ur calling out BCC for depicting Kashmir as per UN map @labourkashmir @ClaireLKD @Debbie_abrahams @TanDhesi Almighty cures. Military occupation is modern day slavery.
JesseHeinig After some more space combat you race back to Qo'noS in pursuit of Torg, to face him down in the Great Hall itself. We redid this map to use the updated version of the hall, and our animator put in some lovely cutscene work as Alexander sacrifices himself for Worf. Game designer. Writer. Original Fallout dev. Classic World of Darkness developer. Current Star Trek Online developer. He/Him. Account represents personal views.
EirikBirkeland1 Norway @Nature_and_Race But I agree that it's very confusing and possibly quite damaging when people insist on calling the left "nazis" and not "commies". Such a cuckservative move. The left do however use tactics alleged to have been employed by both sides. The Hollywood map is the new territory...
SnownymousFN Team: info@alliancestudios.gg My 50 Level Winter Deathrun RACE is the 3rd Most Popular Variety map now featured in the Variety Zone in the Creative Hub! Thank you to everyone who played it and got it into the 3rd place spot over the last 2 weeks! ♥️♥️♥️ Spy Within LTM • Zone War LTM • Retribution for Creative Curse • Apart of @fn_alliance • x11 Features • x3 Hub Winner ❤️ • Business: lohejohn2@gmail.com
DGrimlock228 United Kingdom @CDPROJEKTRED hi couple more bugs. 1 involving not being able to use the phone, 2 I fell through the map at the red race club by the pipe outside of the industrial unit and 3 the fast travel points were unavailable. I also had to roll back my nvidia driver from latest crashes. Twitch Affiliate and Youtuber from the United Kingdom. Affiliate for Triumph Chairs use code DarthGrimlock228 to get 10% discount.
peachyysweetz a low polygon realm On a lighter note, during my map, I dreamed a race of alien species that was enslaved and at war with their selves and i want to make it into an open species cause they looked cool. Momo/Zach🍑19🌸 🍖🌈 🍑problematic thingies🌸they/he🍑 ❗18+ACC❗ MUST HAVE AGE, YEAR, OR RANGE ON PAGE TO FOLLOW 🌸Read carrd for CWs abt what I post
Eristae Earth @Talabuster @AmisTiger @AvatarElezovic @DootDootSkelly @LilySimpson1312 Then I would say, respectfully, that the black and brown stripes are something we should allow Black and other people of color to speak on. There are complex feelings about the flag and issues of race don't map evenly onto issues of gender. A child of LUCA; a way for the cosmos to know itself. | Disabled ♿ | CSA survivor | Accepted pronouns: they/them, she/her
maibea9 You have told us to “just stay quiet” and yet preach about how Black voices matter. You tell us we are white, when like you, our race’s skin tones are in a spectrum. Find a map of the globe and see how far stretched Asia is. 5/ 🇮🇩 • 18 Made an account just to address the current situation in Bali
Cornvvall @ourconn0r Said they were mixed race according to some white map and listed every place they had an ancestor including Cornwall 内卷
EmeraldProGami2 Po towjej pysznej zupie @ark_147 This map is a giant cope, us Romans are the most pure and superior race in existence! Except North Italians, they’re just the descendants of barbarians and/or Napoleon’s forces who raped Roman women Roman blood, ready to conquer | far-right socially | voluntarist | pronouns: his majesty/his majesty | support Assad, Lukashenko | @tych0brahealt is backup
narrreee San Diego, CA @taylorebby Bro stfu and stop telling people what race they should identify as and speaking for others experiences when you can't even locate Armenia on the map 🇦🇲
yuh_thankunext @ItsDylanJones Umm pretty sure they did. Look at a map of where the vaccine locations are. Also try signing up at the same site first with “white” as your race and then “Latina/Hispanic” the 2nd time. No spots for people who identify as “white” but plenty of spots for “non white” ethnicities Professional Stan 🎶 ❤️ #Lovatic #Arianator #Swiftie
COP6ZY #LimitNboy, #LimitRock @LVKlE edit racing fast editors or an edit race tourney with fast editors 1st round 1v1s 2nd round who can do the most quads and 3rd round an edit race on @raidr_fn’s map @OfficialLimitGG🔜 • Creative Warrior • Na-East • 🇵🇷 • @r4anna1 @nboywyd @Rock14x
Choccyman1917 >mfw my evropa race map is starting to be used more and more man of power...
mlthusky Mountlake Terrace, WA @umichvoter99 @electionmaps22 @thorsson_john Your map captures it well. By my count, the non-Harris parts of Houston Metro voted about the same %-wise as the '18 Senate race, which is great! The D advances in Outer Metros roughly met my optimistic expectations. It was the core metros and non-Big 5 metro votes where it stunk
TheJeffMatson Chesapeake, VA @mor10 Another from the same piece (I have the whole thing memorized and use it as a map for life) “Don’t waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you’re ahead; Sometimes you’re behind. The race is long, and in the end, it’s only with yourself” Minister of Propaganda at @Pagely. Loves web development, WordPress, arcade restoration, and horror movies. Married @thejamiematson.
cyclingtips Australia Today's #DailyNewsDigest: -Tadej Pogacar set to race the Tour and the Vuelta in 2021 -Jumbo-Visma reportedly plans to send Roglic, Dumoulin, and Kruijswijk to the Tour -Shara Marche joins SD Worx as a nutritionist Authority, honesty and insight on all things cycling. Listen to the CyclingTips Podcast on all major platforms here:
KAISARISKY 🌌 @KaizerOfAv4lon any map that displays north france and southern france as same race has zero merit 🍀 Outdoor-Enthusiast 🍀 / ✠🌻 Neo-Volkish 🌻✠ / ⚜️🦫 Quebecois 🦫⚜️ / 🪶 First Nations Ally 🪶 / #ACAB / 🐺 Aryan-Turanist 🐺
Shaudius @ihaveawaken1860 @SonnyBunch @jaketapper All over the map? How so, my position is consistent, Tucker Carlson is a race baiting, white supremist PoS and him having high ratings means this country has too many white supremist PoSes who are into watching people who are PoSes like them.
_fat_ugly_rat_ Schertz, TX If you showed an alien a demographic makeup map, exit polls showing how each race/ethnicity voted, and how Urban, Suburban, and Rural areas voted they would probably guess that Texas voted like this and Biden won the state I like maps and politics.. that’s about it
funny_race nice map today in COTD. In rounds i wasnt the fastest and was always around 5 places away from being out since round 1 and somehow still ended up as 12th in div 2 :) Trackmania Player / 18y / Belguim :)
Simracersworld South East, England @MrDeano08 I’ll be streaming live to my YouTube channel Deano. Ian_simracersworld. Itll have live timing tower on screen and track map and live timing link for the whole race. Going with YouTube for length of time I can stream. Simracersworld Ltd Esports service provider | Esports Community | Simracersworld TV broadcast channel 🌍
ArsimTariq Pakistan “This is the same socialism whose map was prepared 150 years ago by Karl Marx – he's worthy of our respect, he found a source of equality and fraternity not for himself, for his nation, his race, his country, but for the whole world, for all humanity.” Dissent is patriotic. Columnist. Peace and Conflict Studies. NUST'22. Civilian Friend.
khrachvik @ANathan1234 I couldn't care less about some map I didn't make, honestly. My issue is that of dishonesty, anti-communism, anti-science, and race essentialism of "sakai". Regular, working class guy that wants to help makes things better
TheInspireGal #Legend #MLK empowered African Americans with his last speech on the economic power of the Black dollars. Providing a road map. Watch it-M #MLKDay Thank God for your mission and ministry and obedience & finishing the race.Thank you for your scarface. -M #CorettaScottKing Gifted for a purpose🌹Actress, Author, Poet,Speaker, Voice over & Singer/Songwriter inspires through A voice of inspiration Tweets from CEO Mikaeli King sign-M
CMHerweyer Grand Rapids, MI @im_sorry_wtf Even if we hold on to the Senate in 2022, I feel like she’d run. Our 2024 Senate map is almost as bad as it was in 2018 and she wouldn’t want to risk the MI Senate race opening up wide Grand Rapids | Kent County Democrat | views are my own | Albion College ‘17 | Michiganian | retweets ≠ endorsements
whipbogard FUB Free • 18+ only pls God tfw you HATE race quests but you also have OCD and wants 100% map achievement gfdi ISFP ♎️🚹• Art at @wppyart 💞 too old for fandom bullcrap and fake woke sentiments lol • cat dad life and the occasional lyrics/BJD spam + work rant
WoodlandTrust Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK Celebrate #WinnieThePoohDay with a game of Poohsticks! Find a bridge over a stream or river and drop sticks from one side of it. Race to the other side to see whose stick emerges from under the bridge first! Find your closest wood with our online map🌳The UK's largest woodland conservation charity. We'll try and reply to questions between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. 📣 Join the #BigClimateFightback!
mazeoflife28 But I guess I have to wait till after gw.. to play.. 💦 just one more race for Claire, and Kerry’s quest line.. and a couple of jobs more around the NC map.. The quiet, angry healer. Mostly whatever catches my fancy. / 🔞/ Reads CN novels. Seiyuu biased. Will post BL. RT heavy. Asia Server. Icon by @cerithe
Overseer1234 @AmonOniyama 10/10 game. Specially with the shutoko revival project (open world map of tokyo, with hundreds of cars to race and drive in the highways). i leave comments, likes and request art.
augustianswift @tariqnasheed So you want to be like white people? Can do any crap you want in other country other people’s home? You just as disgusting. You call yourself race baiter yet you only care about your own race. And so you know, the map is not only USA, stop barking crap that is irrelevant. stream #evermorealbum and #folklore —————————
Dylan68678503 @Panwells Can u pls add a formula 1 race track in the main map?And also pls add new buses or trucks
largess4 Melbourne @benkrahe Very very ordinary race. Driver and map provided the red odds. Didn’t have much to do with the horse. Love my lil Zoe. Huge St Louis Cardinals Fan. St Kilda Saints,Melbourne Aces,Melbourne Renegades, Melbourne Victory and Harness Racing Fan
JoanByron Hey @Gothamist @NYTMetro @THECITYNY @CityLimitsNews Can you map zip codes of residence for people getting #CovidVaccine at NYC and NYState sites? City & State may not be publishing race and income breakdown, but zip codes would be a close proxy. Just a hunch. Longtime Policy Director @ Pratt Center for Community Development - now consulting independently
NorthernSerb 🇷🇸🇨🇦 @Alex33657837 @Nature_and_Race This Serbia that exists today is a comically shrunken nothing. It’s a joke. This is the real Serbia. 1873 ethnic map of the Balkans. All the Balkan countries today except Serbia and Bulgaria are fake topographic nations that never existed before the 19th century
KadenColl WA, somewhere near Seattle. @BruneElections Looks like every incumbent holds on except Kemp(not shocking to me), Rs don't nominate someone crazy for the AZ gov race and hold it, NH looks like it flips blue, seems like PA holds blue, but you really need a margin map to say confidently, Dems probably hold the Senate. Fan of cats, maps, and politics. He/him. BLUE GEORGIA LET'S GO!
HibiChriIsLove @JellyTaco_donut Well let's get started! *Chose a desert for the race* •The screen went black and seconds later the race map and the runners showed on screen. The countdown started• I'll try to hold back myself so you don't feel bad if you lose, heh. Rhodes Island's half ghost Sarkaz girl will always be here for you! Reihak Arlock at your service... and care. ENG/ESP OK! Main/Art/Games(?/RP Account!
Franklo0000 @TadeuszMrozek2 PS how you do this map, i have the data for Cornyn race in Harris and i want to do a map comparing Trump and Cornyn race, but i don't know how to make map

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