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What is the story with Orienteering.

Belle_VTuberEN Belle's Cat Café (I'm the cat) @BiancaDuba I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you! But it's so nice to meet you~ Welcome to class 2-B Bianca! But you're a Jackal, huh? You COULD run our land navigation club/lesson, orienteering and such... But you seem like you'd be great at motorcycle maintenance! Catgirl Barista #Vtuber, an Affiliated @twitch variety streamer. Art tag: #catcafeart Transfemme. She/They. #VTuber #ENVTuber #VTuberEN
g_schlossnagle @sehurlburt Have you done an orienteering course? They’re fun and great for building compass and map navigation skills. Aging #emailgeek. Founder and Chief Evangelist at SparkPost; proud father and husband; backpacker; JeepLife. Expressed views are my own. He/his.
unicarval East of England @SurgeryRunner @_BlairyBoy @UKRunChat Yes indeed. I have GT-2000s for local trail runs for drier conditions underfoot and hyperspeeds / DS racers for fast roadwork and urban orienteering racing. Never had a bad experience with asics or salomon. @RAFOrienteering & @OrienteeringLOG in M45◪🧭🏃🏽 @InzpireLimited & @royalairforceuk part time 💡🛩 #duckoftheday #Lincolnshire #CMgr #MRAeS +ve vibes only 🙏🦆
jasonpillifeant Melbourne, Victoria @ronInBendigo Do what any self-respecting left leaning/greenie would die...let people die!! And when enough people have died then, and only then, will the majority start to wake up in Australia. We were made to learn to swim in school, and orienteering used to be taught in youth groups/clubs!! Christian, conservative, love life, love laughing!! 😂😂😂 doesn’t mean I’m laughing though, it’s actually our family crest👍🏻Pronoun...Captain😉
LrFerrier @TheLifeOfBri_ An awful lot of the people I 'know' from twitter seem to have been up the Lomonds over the weekend. Is it like a secret society, do you meet up, or is the area big enough for you all?!!! Only time I was up there was orienteering with Bell Baxter and was a veeeerrry long time ago! Knitter, sewer, embroiderer, rubbish housekeeper. Owned by 2 cats. She/her
maxi_tea United Kingdom In case you were wondering about my orienteering skills, it’s been 7 weeks since I moved house and I still end up in the wrong bedroom. hey where’s my welcome pack
djinnJuice @superbunnyhop @behemilf Into the radius (vr game) goes the extra mile and has you straight up doing map orienteering as part of it's core loop. It's pretty dang good -Professional talentless hack-
clouds_go_by North Cumbria @Phil_M_Barrett @DrEdHenderson @dwelsworth @MeaninglessMud Nasty. My dalliance with orienteering over the years has taught me to be super aware and although they find me delicious, so far so lucky. Vigilance is the key! The older I get, the curiouser I get - in every sense of the word. Not a fungi expert, not an anything expert, just an interested bystander
AsylumHistorian United States @WickedWalnut There's no reason to think either of these manly men needs to be saved. Most likely they're just out having a good time orienteering, mountaineering & sharpening their climbing and rappelling skills. Leave them be. If they haven't shown for work in a couple of weeks send a scout. Psychiatrist, Asylum Historian. #ProsecuteHim #Atheist #antifascist #BidenHarris2020 #M4A #StopTheCoup #GTFO
joe_hunglo Calgary, Alberta @Nadia03379363 You're talking to the only fella who toughed out the whole 72 hour long weekend Scouts winter camping trip in -30 to earn his snowshoeing, orienteering, winter camping and redneck ninja achievement badges at the same time. ✝️ Testicular Cancer survivor. Actual nice guy. Likes to joke.
slc_Tower Ramsgate, England No wonder I didn’t get a good photo of them! Well done to Ben and Thomas for coming first place for the boys in this afternoon’s orienteering activity! St Lawrence College's Tower House - Senior Boys' Boarding House
Pukekobird Cornwall Beautiful day and a fab stomp out & about this afternoon. Following a school orienteering route thats been laid out ;) Music, Photography, Paranormal, Life, Mummy, Cornwall, New Zealand. Year of the 🐖
SLC_Sport A brilliant orienteering challenge with our boarders this afternoon. They all bought into the spirit of the event and it’s fair to say the prospect of a free take away for the winners spurred them on. Huge well done to everyone to all pupils, staff (and children!). 🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ All the latest news from St Lawrence College sport
lincolnmkxone Hamilton, Ontario @Scribulatora Also a slide rule, a real ruler and a map. Used to do orienteering. When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so when you die the world cries and you rejoice ~ Cherokee saying. #blockedbyrempel
PupTrakken @BusterBDSM Yep, I have shockingly bad hand-eye coordination so the only two PE activities I actually vaugly enjoyed/dident get looked down at was orienteering and dodgeball. Where the entire point was to run away from the oncoming ball 😅 Somewhere between awkward and dorky. Gay for Spaceships. Owned by @Dice_Pup, beta/BF to @puptitanpup. He/him 20
ekrolljahren Bern, Norway Also in Norwegian Orienteering @NOF_Orientering we have a job to do to secure gender equality. Equal winning times for same age classes is a good place to start for juniors and elite. Elite Orienteer with PhD in Biomedical Engineering Post doc researcher in ARTORG Center - Cardiovascular Engineering EPFL - Center for Artificial Muscles
ChelleOldham20 #lockdown #learning isnt impossible! We (10/13/14yrs) did #orienteering (lost chicken) #problemSolving (plan to find chicken) #maths #foodtech #personaldevelopment +lifeskills (made 8 person lasagne from ingredients) #art + #service for others (food boxes and donated them) Home educating mum of 4; Education Lecturer; Education Policy Specialist; Avid reader; Online Lecturer;
f1onamiller Gourock @ComdtWLBnACF @WestLowlandACF @ArmyCadetsScot @ArmyCadetsUK Such sad news, i heard earlier today. Without him I wouldnt have had the opportunities I did to represent battalion across the UK at Orienteering. Good memories of both Neil and his daughter who was also a cadet and friend. Sending prayers and thoughts to the family. Living each day to the full & patiently waiting for 2 new hips so I can get back out & cause chaos #Stateofmind #zeronegativty #cando #fearbubble
MrCavaniPE Family orienteering complete for this weeks @LargsAcadPEdept challenge. 21 points including the 3 km walk. Andrew had a great time. Thanks @MissParnell_PE . Question marks over the ‘river’?😂 I nominate @mrdohertyLA and @MrMcCoyLargs
orienteeringIRE Ireland And of course the best sport for Mind and Body is #orienteering 😊 (not that were biased) so check out your local virtual or permanent orienteering course at . Courses being added regularly.... Twitter feed of The Irish Orienteering Association.
TheRunInPod Another Pod for you this week and we’re joined by a bumper cast: @cdmegan @ThatCatTaylor @EmmaBjess and @lina_strand all join to dive into the Gender Equality discussion ongoing with 10mila and Damkavlen. #femalesport #orienteering #10mila #damkavlen The UK's #orienteering podcast, following mostly British and mostly International orienteers.
mathijsdeweerdt Haarlem / Delft What have satellite scheduling, the selected traveling salesperson (orienteering) problem, and make-to-order manufacturing in common? See here for the answer: #scheduling #TSP #algorithms #satelite Associate Professor on Algorithm Design and Mechanism Design at Delft University of Technology
halden_sk Halden, Norway ⬜️🟥🟦 Interval session (Svinesund) ❄️🌞 With almost 100% free snow, today we have an orienteering interval session in Svinesund, only 2k from the border with Sweden 🇸🇪 Time to push! 📡(from 10am) "Winter forms our character and brings out our best" Halden SK - one step ahead. Orienteering club.
CovHeather Coventry, England @aaronashmore8 My strongest memory is of taking wrong a turn in orienteering, going most of the way round backwards & only realising we'd got it wrong when we met the other team coming the other way. We went back to the start and the leader made us do the whole thing again! Never been so tired. Digital Content Producer at @Coventry2021 Email: heather.kincaid@coventry2021.co.uk
PhotoByBen London, England Awesome @TheRunInPod episode on gender equality in orienteering. Worth a listen and a think @RAFOrienteering Airman, Photographer, Ultra Runner and Orienteer. UK. Trying to smile more.
ActiveSchoolsLF Irvine Photo Orienteering on my walk tonight for @TEAMPEGW challenge🤩 I found a phone box, church, woodland area, butchers and a war memorial ✅ @NAActiveSchools Give it a shot @glebeps @DreghornPrimary @Lawthorn_PS @SpringsidePS @YAs_Greenwood @Greenwood_Acad @hegkat Active Schools Coordinator • North Ayrshire • Greenwood Academy Cluster • @sportscotland Fit For Girls, YA delivery team 2018/2019, YPSP Recruitment Team 2020
missmuirpe Here's my @LargsAcademy @LargsAcadPEdept picture orienteering. 9.5km + 11pts for the items = 20.5pts. I nominate @MissGriffiths14 and @MrsNewtonEng PE Teacher
LWilliamsPE1 Some socially distanced, year group OAA and team building challenges for our students once they have completed their weeks work in KW school. Outside set up orienteering to! Safe and active, Lovely to be able to spend time with them doing this! #edupe #keyworkerschool #COVID19 PE and History Teacher. PGCE, QTS, BSc (Hons) sports coaching, fitness, rehab.I love outdoors (mainly climbing/mountaineering), traditional sports/martial arts.
TMoney1947 @michaelmuhney You should get into land navigation/ orienteering. It’s pretty much the same thing only you are in the woods with only a map, compass, and protractor. an all-around dude and son of the King, #family #roadie #pewpew #veggardener #wxman #swo #endhumantrafficking , F3 Sprinkle, 〽️
AcklamWhin Middlesbrough This week we have set an Orienteering PE challenge👀We want you to locate the lamp posts marked on the map and write down the code from each one.Check our website 👨‍💻Parents➡️Lockdown Lamp Posts💡 for more info. Please send us a photo once you’re done👍🏻@MiddlesbroSGO #edutwitter Middlesbrough Primary Sports School Of The Year 2017/18 & 2018/19 🏆
LittleRedToyo Norway @TheChattyEngine Big machines, volunteering at UHB, geocaching, orienteering, urbexing, reading and drawing. Female, 36, married, 1 kid. INTP. All-round artist and writer. Author of the Norwegian Railway Stories. NB: You might find NSFW here.
CaraLambPE Glasgow, UK #StrathPGDE Some wonderful examples of remote learning led by the students today, whilst remembering to ‘E’ in PE. We had Snakes & ladders, home orienteering, quizzercise and master baker! Solid effort with a physically demanding few hours 🧡PE @StrathEDU Teaching Fellow PE and PhD student @StrathEDU. Teacher prof learning, models-based practice, studying an activist pedagogy of affect. Views my own.
LittleRedToyo Norway @Purple_Gems12 Big machines in general has always been a huge interest. Cars, locomotives, planes, ships... Apart from that I have a huge interest in art and crafts, reading, geocaching, orienteering, urbexing, hunting/fishing, animals and my profession: electric engineering. Female, 36, married, 1 kid. INTP. All-round artist and writer. Author of the Norwegian Railway Stories. NB: You might find NSFW here.
GBRorienteering Any Weekend Plans? British Orienteering have gathered together a wide range of free downloadable resources and activities to help keep the children entertained this weekend.  Find out more: @MumsnetTowers @BSOA_uk @BishopSport @CotswoldOutdoor British Orienteering is the National Governing Body for the sport of Orienteering, a fun and challenging map-based outdoor adventure sport.
MrCoyle_Newark Greenock, Scotland A great morning this morning doing orienteering at the second level hub @NewarkPrimary ! The boys and girls loved it and a massive thanks to Craig @ActiveSchoolsIC for sharing this resource with me 😁 Teacher in Newark Primary 🔴 Come and have a look at what we have been learning about!
OS4Schools East Midlands, England @Alex_Bramley3 @jimdjenkinson @Spirejunior What a great idea Alex. Really hope it gets the children and families exploring the community. We help schools develop Orienteering with site mapping, permanent courses and KS1-KS2 scheme of work, resources and training. Let me know if you’d like some more information. Orienteering scheme of work and resources - designed to engage all and progress skills. Supported by school site mapping services and teacher training.
esocweb Edinburgh @PathsforAll @ActiveScotGov There are also lots of Permanent Orienteering Courses around Scotland and many more smartphone orienteering courses you could try. This will turn your walk into an adventure like a treasure hunt and help teach your children navigation, a skill for life! ESOC is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) regulated by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)Scottish Charity number: SC049979
JD_1918 @DianaWintah Was doing some orienteering in primary school. Convinced another group to tell us where they had found a tonne of the clues. Lied about ones we knew about as collateral and forked off. Spent a day convincing people to try a super hot sauce. Untill we found someone dumb enough Regardless of what the trailers say. Do not attack the giant enemy Crabs weak point for massive damage.
rundioa Statesboro, GA @ozyurtcu @LaurnSmith It’s my favorite to include :) we also watch and discuss drone racing, orienteering, parkour, esports, and quidditch (I show UT obviously). It’s one of my favorite days of class. Sport Management PhD. Triathlete. Ironman. Cookie Connoisseur. Hufflepuff. Winthrop & Texas alum. Would vote to eliminate the designated hitter. Team High Socks
davidcrais New Orleans | Houston | Miami @schlaf @noamwass 💯 Been there. Why many PE and VC firms I know now do Myers-Briggs and other personality tests on founders to test chemistry. Also Outward Bound type stuff like hiking, rafting, orienteering trips to bond and test conflict situations. CEO. Product/Brand. Tech entrepreneur. Exits to @HP @AbbottGlobal @RocheDia. IPO on AmEx. Econ Dev. ESG. MedTech. FinTech. PLM/UX. SDLC. ISO 56000. Gemba walks.
BishopPerowneCE Worcester, England Throwback to the summer of 2019 when our students ran a programme of sports festivals for primary schools in Worcester. 🎾 They focused on setting up sports such as hockey, Tri-Golf, orienteering, tennis, gymnastics and athletics. Over 500 pupils from all year groups took part! Welcome to our official school Twitter page, featuring news and useful information for parents, students and local residents.
Alex_Bramley3 💡 Lamppost Orienteering 💡 Daily exercise ✔️ Screen break ✔️ Map reading skills ✔️ Number recognition ✔️ Maths problem solving ✔️ Today I set up an orienteering course for @Spirejunior Find the lamppost indicated by the dot and copy the numerical code from the post. Primary School Teacher of the Year Gold award winner 2020 🏆 Assistant Head Teacher 🧳 Writing Moderator ✍️ Advocate of collaborative learning 🤝
meryesse1 @activeageingfes @EuSport @ISCA_tweet @BGBEACTIVE @ActiveAgeingUW @EWAHA2020 Orienteering events provide classes of different ages from 12 to 90 for man and women
TBHAPE Fantastic effort from all of Y7, 8 and 9 that took part in the orienteering PE lessons today! Fastest completion of the course went to Dan in 7GHN with a time of 22 minutes! 🏆 🥈Rhys 8NLE - 26 minutes 🥉Noah 7GHN - 28 minutes This is the PE department at The Burgess Hill Academy. Follow us for all sporting news and fixtures for the academy.
MissHarrisonPE1 Mid Sussex @MsSparasci Amazing effort across all of Y7, 8, and 9 that took part! With some evening finishing and completing the orienteering course! Dan in Y7 won the day with the fastest time of 22 minutes! Secondary P.E Teacher 👩🏼‍🏫 NQT ‘TBHA’ 🏫 England Stoolball Player and NGB committee member ⚾️ 18.08.2020 💍
EntityMays Galar Today is the 1 year anniversary of my *Journeys* Reaction series! What are your top 5 reactions I and the #Anipoke Bros have done? Here's mine: 1. Ash Returns to Alola (JN37) 2. Alola Gang 3. Ash Catches Riolu (JN21) 4. Riolu Evolves (JN45) 5. Orienteering (JN20) BONUS: JN48 Let's Gooooo! Follow for epic content Pokemon YouTuber / Anipoke Bro /ER Member / #Anipoke Lover / SM Stan™ / Business Enquiries: entitymaysbusiness@gmail.com
bsporty1 In this month’s edition why not introduce orienteering to your pupils thanks to our fantastic article from @GBRorienteering . They have provided all the information and links to find permanent and virtual orienteering courses plus club links for future exploration #lifeskills Online sports magazine for 7-14 year olds. Sports info, interviews, videos, skills and tips, activity camps, holidays, healthy eating recipes and more to come!
app4soft #foss4g #orienteering Olles Maps wrote: “Customizable palette! #OpenOrienteering #Mapper will offer customizable palette. This will make scribbling more legible and thus efficient. Kudos to the app developers! What would be your choice of colors?” TEST it! Free Libre Open Source Software 🐘 👷🛠 💸🔀🚀 #FLOSS #Engineering #УкрТві 🇺🇦
liam_belson @RoguePodron my cult merit badges would be in lego building, orienteering, and kayaking! 24, he/him, bi.
renegadenate Indiana, USA @FungiwithBengi I also think things like orienteering, basic outdoors survival, basic first aid and CPR, and exercise routine planning would be really key in helping kids as they grow up. Internet dwelling turbo nerd. Sometimes I get away with writing silly poems or saying something funny. He/him and I love all dogs, some cats, and a few people.

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