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Turimetta Course

Last Updated: 13 Sep 2020
A really good GoGain Course added by Charles Thorpe it's near Mona Vale, New South Wales, Australia.
Explore wonderful Warriewood, noteable Narrabeen and terrific Turimetta and get fit at the same time. Start at the Warriewood Surf Life Saving Club.
Where in the world is this GoGain Course?


★) Start at the Toilet Block

Just in front of the toilet block
A) Fence

Road’s End
B) Path

Where grass meets scrub
C) Bend in Fence

Halfway between gates.
D) South end of Hedge

Parking Space.
E) Bend in Path

Right Angle Turn
F) North Edge of South Thicket

Between Roads
G) Bend in Path

End of Houses
H) North East of middle thicket

A clump on its own.
I) South West Path

Near the junction
J) South bend in path

Path to beach
K) West Man Made Feature

Picnic Spot?
L) Bend in Path

Back of Garage
M) North end of Road

Before the path
N) E Man Made Feature

Exercise is good.
O) South West Fence

Look out!
P) Copse

Apex Tree
Q) South end of South Fence

On the sand
R) Bend in Path

Sharp curve.
S) East Side of Cliff

At the fork.
T) South end of East Path

Look Out!
U) Man Made Feature

Front and Centre
V) Copse

South Side
W) Tower

Light Entertainment
X) Man Made Feature

Take a seat.
Y) SE side of NW thicket

Near the tree
Z) Cliff

Left of Cave
) South Fence

Where sand meets sand.
) South East Fence

End of Fence
) Fence Junction

Beyond Sick Pets
) Man Made Feature

Circle Centre

Pakistani Fabric Bargains