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Last Updated: 31 Apr 2020
A really good GoGain Course added by Abbey Young it's near Mosman, New South Wales, Australia.
This is a test course designed to test the functionality of the App. Some of the targets may be near {or even on} busy roads, you need to take care at all times. If a target is on a road {ie off the pavement} you should report it.
Where in the world is this GoGain Course?


★) Unit Front

Start here.
A) Cross Road

Right on the corner.
B) Green Reserve

Middle of the grass.
C) Bathers Pavillion

Top of the steps.
D) Warringah Lane

Stick to the right.
E) Stanton Road meets Wyargine St

Under the Tree
F) Paddock by the Sea

Right in the middle of the grass.
G) Rocky Point

Close to the end, but not quite.

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